street photography

Tybee Island

It's been months since I have been active with this site and with photography. Inspiration is still there but I must get out and about again or it will go away. Here are some shots of people I made at Tybee Island back in 2016. 


In the Beginning

When I first started making photos, landscapes and things nature were going to be my focus. I did this for awhile until I began looking at street photography closer and experimenting. My theme for photography quickly turned to capturing life on the streets. But, from time to time I step out of that zone and make nature photos.

There's a lot of talk in the street photography scene that you want to make as many photos as you can. I'm not into that. I want to create art. If you're just blasting away with your camera, you're not thinking about what you're doing. Make interesting photos. I'm not innocent of practicing that. I used to blast away at everything. Looking back on my early photos of life on the streets, I discovered I was making more bad shots than good ones. I'm more focused now and creating better shots.

Street photography for me is ever evolving. I never stop learning and never stop practicing. Lately my interests have turned more towards making street portraits, both candid and posed. People are beautiful, interesting and the photos tell better stories. They are more interesting to me than landscapes and flowers. Go with your heart when it comes to photography and don't be mindful of what others think. Make photos for yourself and no one else.